Tuesday, October 30, 2012

War Zone.

Sound like The wanted's song. x.. itu petanda nama nye. I just want to wish a luck for our SPM that around the corner. no, I mean yang dah nak berlansung pada next monday. guys, please!! wish me luck. maybe this is my first and last post before I gone for a while. ^_^ I'm so sorry baby sbb t'lalu lama m'hilangkan diri. but don't worry. i'll be back soon as possible. ouh ya. this song. that you guys hear. it's for my life before i had this situation. and now. i'm not like a bird anymore. but I still in love with this song. ouh one more thing. "I Love You". this word, is for my Honey Bear. we have been together for 3 month now. cepat masa b'lalu. hopefully that we could live happily ever after mcm cerita fairy tail yang papa selalu bagitahu for my bedtime story. ^_^