Friday, January 25, 2013

No one know.

Hi guy. Do you know that the saddest part in my life is that everyone think I'm happy. No one notice that I'm a sad teens with a happy faces. i might seem strong, but I broken inside. I just need someone might know me as well as their know them self. not as a friend, not as a family, even as a special friend. but the REAL ME. Being someone that know what I feel inside but not what I show in the outside. Many people thought that they really know about someone that they love. We was wrong for being thinking that way. Only god knows what we feel and what we thinking about. I'm sick to say a word that no one understand. Seem like I'm not the one to worried about. keep listening to every word I say but didn't try to figure it out. It might be a trash. The best thing I do is making a fake cute smile and move on. 

Lay in my bed.
 close my eyes.
 imagine that I'm floating on the sea water.
 listening to the water wave.
 Think that no one come to save me.
fooling myself and say, "I'm fine".  
And last,
 watching the sunset till my eye feel so tired to open again.