Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our Day.

After her deep breath, she start to memories all the thing about the boy that she loved before. He did it well till she feel the same. LOVE. she dating him with no reason. because of love they think that they can be together forever. But something happen till she feel like an idiot for falling in love with the guy. But people said the thing that we have now is the best that we get. Don't ever look back and let it go and gone. And she made a mistake. She look her past. She take the Ignorance as her best friend. People said that before and she should take. He make sure that she regret that night. and YES! she regret it. Although it hurts but she'll be the first to say that she was wrong. He do nothing but it always be the reason why she scared to fall in love again. She took the risk and she fail again and again. And It's still happen to her. even though she do better to let it go but it's still make her feel barely breathe. She though that she strong enough to fight all this bad feeling. but it's all seem to be wrong when she try to fix it. She's trying the best but it's look all the same. Did you know how hard it is to stay strong when nothing is right and everything wrongs?  It's hard to know her better isn't it? She had nothing to say more about the shit thing happen to her. Sometimes it's better to be alone. He should know that he lack of maturity in his life. To young, to dumb to realize.